Platinum Partnership

Your Most Exclusive Opportunity with Tony Robbins

As a Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership member you’ll receive exclusive invitations to up to three incredible adventures per year. Tony and Sage Robbins join the Platinum Partners on selected trips as they learn, network, and play in such diverse situations as a private palazzo in Venice, the cascading beaches of Bora Bora, a private session on top of the Great Wall of China, 100 mph boat races in South Beach, a private invitation to Scotland’s Skibo Castle and even camel riding through the Great Pyramids of Egypt.


Limited to an exclusive group of serious players worldwide, the Platinum Partnership provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with and learn from Tony and master teachers from around the world, while traveling to some of the most spectacular destinations on earth.


An annual commitment, The Platinum Partnership is an opportunity to receive a personalized level of coaching from the Robbins organization. You will have access to attend Tony Robbins live events whenever you want, as often as you like, anywhere in the world — and of course, enjoy preferred seating.

Membership Benefits

  • Three Exclusive Platinum Trips Worldwide
  • Platinum Level Ticket to all Tony Robbins Personal Development Events
  • Twelve Months of Platinum Coaching
  • Entire Collection of Tony Robbins Multimedia Products
  • Complimentary Unleash the Power Within Guest Ticket
  • Charitable Contribution to the Tony Robbins Foundation
  • Limitless Networking Opportunities
  • Exclusive access to an elite, high level peer group

“Each year, as I renew my Plat membership, I’m reminded of how blessed I was to join this group and set a higher standard – to be the best possible version of myself. I keep coming back to stay on that course, and that commitment is rewarded with even more blessings. The only regret you could make as a Platinum Partner is to not renew your own commitment to better yourself.”

Praveen Kenneth-Advertising & Media Entrepreneur

"Meeting my fellow Platinum Partners was everything I expected — maximum passion, ultimate energy and consummate friendship. I could not wish for a better experience. I am honored to be among these beautiful people.”

Annie Rumsey, Investor

"I always have extremely high expectations for Tony’s events and somehow, he always delivers far beyond. The Platinum Partnership has been no different. The payback from the association with Tony and the incredible group of Partners is beyond measure.”

Brad Adams, Business Owner

“Platinum Partnership is a group of blessed, dynamic, beautiful individuals who come together to form this unique group. You won’t find this anywhere else. I’ve searched my entire life for a peer group like this.”

Aaron Brauch, Business Consultant

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